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    Industrial RCC building structural analysis by Staad pro software
    USD  1000
    USD 1000 (Save 0%)
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    We are regularly carrying out industrial building design using staad pro software. These buildings are used in EHV substations and various kind of industrial projects. Our engineers have long experience of delivering optimised civil design of such single / double / multi storied building for housing of electrical panels, switchgears etc. The designs are done as per client's technical specification and international standards like BS/ASCE etc.
    Technical specification of Fiber Optic based teleprotection system of EHV Substations
    USD  3000
    USD 3000 (Save 0%)
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    We have the expertise of preparing technical specifications and detail design drawings, BOQ and schedules for Fiber optic based tele-protection systems of 400/220/132/33kV Substations in India and abroad. The design shall be carried out as per relevant International standard.
    Transmission Line Tower Design
    USD  3000
    USD 3000 (Save 0%)
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    Based on Sag & Tension calculations (by PLS CADD) and wind loads, the loading on different parts of the Transmission Line Tower is obtained. Such loading tree is then fed to Staad pro software for the structural analysis. Our senior engineers have thorough experience in designing of Transmission Line Tower structures as per international standards.
    USD  7500
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    Earthing of any electrical system is of high importance for safety of working personnel and to obtain system earth for relay tripping. Earthing system is designed as per IEEE-80/BS-7430/IS 3043/IE Rules/CBIP standard as applicable. We do earthing calculations either manually by Excel or by using softwares like ETAP and Cymgrid. Lightning protection system of building and/or outdoor equipment shields them from direct lightning strike. The need for lightning protection system is first established by lightning protection risk assessment study as per IEC 62305 and then the zone of protection is calculated by using IEEE/IEC standards. We do these calculations manually by Excel. We have experienced manpower and softwares to execute these works. Kindly send us an enquiry to enable us to submit an offer matching with your requirements.
    USD  30000
    USD 30000 (Save 0%)
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    Substation design and engineering is our main focus area for more than 12 years. We have provided Design, Engineering and Consultancy services to many EPC companies like Alstom, Siemens, Sterling & Wilson, Mcnally Bharat etc. for their high voltage substation projects for Utilities and Large Industries. Some of the major substations designed by us are as follows : 1. 220/132/33kV outdoor AIS substation of WBSETCL at Howrah Foundry park (On behalf of Siemens Ltd.) 2. 400/220kV, 1x315MVA Transformer bay extension at Jeerat and Arambag substations of WBSETCL (On behalf of Siemens Ltd.) 3. 220/132/33kV outdoor AIS substation of JSEB at Chatra (On behalf of Flowmore Ltd.) 4. 132/33kV outdoor AIS substation of JSEB at Tamar (On behalf of Flowmore Ltd.) 5. 400/220/132kV outdoor AIS substation of APTRANSCO at Jammalamadugu (On behalf of Techno Electric, Kolkata) 6. 132/33kV Outdoor substation of WBSETCL at UAJNU and 1 no. 132kV Line bay extension at 8 nos substations (On behalf of Mcnally Bharat Engineering Co. Ltd.) 7. 132/33kV WUDIL AIS Substation of TCN in Nigeria (On behalf of Supreme & Co.Pvt. Ltd., Kolkata). 8. 132/33/6.6kV GIS substation and downstream ring main system for Construction power system of NMDC for 3 MTPY Integrated steel plant at Nagarnar, Chattisgarh. (On behalf of KEC, International, Gurgaon). 9. 132/33kV GIS MRSS of Tata Steel Ltd. at Noamundi, Jharkhand for Joda & Noamundi Mines expansion project (on behalf of Siemens Ltd). 10.1x400kV Bus reactor bay extension of PGCIL in Amritsar, Hissar, Nalagarh and Jalandhar on behalf of Sterling & Wilson Ltd. For details of many other current and completed projects please refer to our website www.satcon.in. Our design processes are fully computerised and designs are carried out as per relevant national/international standards and Customer's specifications. We being an ISO 9001 certified company, our work procedures are guided by the guidelines of the ISO standard procedures. Our main strengths are - Extensive domain knowledge, wide experience in Indian and International field, competitive price, fast delivery time, knowledgeable manpower, willing to work, willing to listen and learn.
    USD  40000
    USD 40000 (Save 0%)
    Not Available | Free Shipping
    We provide Design, Engineering & Consultancy services for EHV substation projects (400/220/132/33/11KV), EBOP of Thermal power plants and Industrial power receiving and distribution projects for Large industries. We focus on best possible quality in a systematic manner as per national / international standards and in line with standard norms laid down in ISO 9001-2008 standards. Our operations are fully computerised, drawings and design calculations are all prepared using internationally accredited softwares. Our Engineers have good experience in the above mentioned fields and they shall like to go deep into each problem to present an optimised solution for each case. We provide our services to Utilities, Industries and EPC Contractors in India and abroad. We have experienced manpower and softwares to execute these works. Kindly send us an enquiry to enable us to submit an offer matching with your requirements.